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Modular Cold Rooms


Special refrigerators built in accordance with all norms and standards of the highest quality and compliance with the necessary temperature conditions for storing perishable products. Each chamber is equipped with video surveillance, temperature, and humidity sensors. Each our clients can monitor their goods around the clock. Thus, this gives our clients confidence in the quality and security of their goods. We care about your massive effort, understanding all the responsibility that lies on your shoulders by being a part of this business. Cold rooms for alternative products with a special temperature regime (for example: flowers, chocolate, and confectionery). Dedicated storage facilities for each product type, be it vegetables, fruits, dairy or meat. Your products will be stored in appropriate conditions and order, depending on type of product. We do not store mixed products, thereby putting the quality of the product at risk.


Our complex also has a 'vault workshop' facility where each client can use all the necessary tools or equipment for their own purposes. For example: repacking goods, sorting, labeling, changing the type of packaging (we have different packaging materials available), and all these facilities are created for the maximum convenience of our clients.

Co-Working Offices


Vault offices are ready to accommodate up to two people. Equipped with comfortable office furniture, air conditioner, high-speed internet and copy and printing station.

Vault Courier

Vault Courier deliver goods from the vault to end-client doors, maintaining all necessary measures and temperature conditions. Our fleet ranging from small vans to a large truck. We offer various categories of best refrigeration trucks. All our vehicles equipped with up-to-date gps tracking system which records uninterrupted temperatures data from pick up to amid delivery and final destination. We ensure that freight packed for passive temperature control is handled and transported in a way, that protect it from any possible damage. Fleet is widely used for transporting perishable products at low temperature it has microprocessor-controlled system that has gained appreciation for long service life. Along with this, we also offer freezer trucks with eutectic freezers that are widely used for the transportation of ice creams.


Upon delivery from the airport, goods are hand-overed to the team of specialists who are responsible for the acceptance, sorting, and placement of your goods in the vault premises. Our acceptance specialist initially inspects the incoming cargo and then draws up a protocol on the quality and condition of the goods. Revealing all kinds of defects if any available. Once protocol is made, goods are forwarded to the cold chambers and a client is notified immediately. Our weight control specialists conducting an additional cargo check, then the cargo is weighed again, and the data is verified with invoices and shipping documents. Further on goods are labeled with unique barcode and segregated in correct order.

Airport Services

Freight services

Import and export customs clearance.

Import customs documentations.

Special approvals for cargo clearance.

Customs inspection services.

Food import and re-export service

Express shipments document collection.

Clear customs and deliver of your shipment within a maximum of almost 4 hours (based on road traffic conditions) from the receipt of your shipping documents.

Authority clearance

Our team handles clearance of consignments that require various controlling authority approvals.

(Additional service)

Deposit against customs declaration for bonded cargo movement. This service allows a client can use our deposit facility up to AED one million per shipment/ documents for bonded movement of consignments within free-zones or for re-export purposes.

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